Here we go.
This’ll be my place for writing stuff during my year abroad, primarily for my family, but also for my Professors at Vassar, so they know what I’m up to and feel justified giving me credit for my internships, and also for whoever else is interested. I’m going to Massachusetts to do an internship at the New Bedford Whaling Museum in the fall, and then be heading off to St. Petersburg for the spring and possibly part of summer 2009. Details are hazy, but I’m very excited. Who knows what could happen?

Edit: 8/19/2015 — 20-year-old sounds like a very different person who I’m not sure I would have gotten along with. Strange.

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  1. Oops, Had the banana dope wrong. Bananas won’t ripen in the refrigerator, but once they are ripe you can keep them from over ripening by refrigeration. The skin will darken but the banana will be good. Dad


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