Tutoring Job

Things I did at work today:

1) ate candy
2) armwrestled every 9th grade boy in Mr. Loveday’s class
3) tried to play Scrabulous with Jenay
4) drank my coffee
5) stretched
6) confiscated people’s sunglasses
7) wore many pairs of sunglasses
8) read the news
9) superglued Mr. Loveday’s stopwatch to his desk
10) discussed proper naming and usage of butlers
11) updated my blog

edit, 8/19/2015: really a charmed life little-evan lives.  I like his priorities.

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  1. Come babysit Ari, it would be a lot more compelling!Are you going to use Evander consistently in the future? We will miss you, Evan! Both you and Evander. Enjoy your year.


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