Case Closed on Coffee

How come no one ever told me that Starbucks Coffee was named after the stalwart first mate to Captain Ahab himself?!

Gordon Bowker, one of the founders of Starbucks, originally wanted to call his coffee shop the Pequod, but changed his mind. [Who wants a big, hot, steaming cup of “PEE-quod?”] My views on drinking Starbucks coffee have changed completely. No wonder Starbucks is so successful; they are the ultimate, American coffee.

I used to avoid coffee—despite its deliciousness—in order to hold back yet another vice. No more! Recent studies from Harvard (so it must be true!) find that not only is coffee not bad for you, it’s actually good for you! Everything in moderation, friends—aurea mediocritas.

Granted, when I drink my coffee, I usually down it like a cheap beer: big gulps, little time. I’m not drinking it for deliciousness; I’m drinking it for results!

Now I can sip my coffee casually, guilt free with a corporation that really understands me!

Edit: 8/19/2015 — Here began a serious addiction to a Starbucks Gold Club membership.

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  1. AH Yes that wonderful thing! Coffee, Cafe, Kaffe. the stuff so valuable that I took 4 pounds to China in my luggage for a thirsty son. Volataire drank 30 cups per day… life is too short to drink bad coffee.


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