Sunday Morning Breakfast:

Variations on a theme

cinnamon roll is a nice touch.

Note: Gorilla Munch with banana and frozen cranberry juice ice cube in grapefruit juice.

Honey peanut butter toast goes a long way, too.

Simple, perfectly cooked bacon.

Edit: 8/19/2015 — Gorilla Munch holds a special place in my heart.  I should write a post about that time Mr. Up guilted our entire Latin class about caring more about adopting a Silverback Gorilla than we did about starving children.  He pitched in for the gorilla too.  We named him “Rufus” in honor of a character in our Latin book.  Another time.

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  1. honey and toast, a match made in heaven. peanut butter, apparently not so beloved in france. my family has a jar distributed by a brand called, “great classic american foods.”


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