Spectacles Magazine

Go check out my article on Spectacles Magazine! If you’re pressed for time, you can get a pretty good gist of it by reading the first and last few sections. And make sure to take a look at James Phelps’ art while you’re there.

I really like Baby, a drawing of a creature blissfully sucking on its own foot, so completely overwhelmed by the joy of it, that he completely misses the fact that it is just a disgusting foot. The baby’s ego is so consumed with the foot, that it is consumed by the foot, becoming a mere, flat cartoon of an actual being, while the foot becomes all the more three-dimensional and real in its fleshy repulsiveness. These qualities of the foot are corroborated by Toe.

At least, I think that’s what James was getting at.

Alex Remo’s article about the FHA is hilarious too. He told me he intends to write another two follow up articles to it, more oriented toward San Diego. Hopefully I can coax him into following through.

Here’s the link:


Edit 8/19/2015: Looks like Jean’s magazine is down, and probably has been down for a while. I’ll have to ask her why — I liked that magazine! Even the Wayback Machine doesn’t have a good archive of what was up there.  Shoot.  Maybe I’ll repost this article another time — as a college sophomore I was very proud of my work on Barack Obama’s rhetoric.

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