Quick Weekend Update

Saturday, I went sailing in Boston with some friends and it was beautiful!

We got a big boat.

Thanks to Barbara.

Steven made a documentary out of the event. I’m just glad we didn’t get that camera wet.

Jonah and Swilf trade off at the tiller.

We only got the boat because Barbara had connections with the staff there… so it was really a group challenge/effort to get the boat rigged and not hit anything. (Success! Thank you Mission Bay Aquatics!) I possess the well-practiced skill of putting the boat in irons, (all I do is turn the boat the way I think will make us go fastest) which was nice for kicking back and drinking mimosas.


I’m always walking into random stuff happening in downtown New Bedford. I guess I never put up the video of the day there was a bagpipe marching band going down Purchase Street…but here’s what was going down on Pleasant Street today.

Note the little girl in sunglasses and tie.

And they’re off!

Great Moments in NFL History:
Patriots: 13
Dolphins: 38

Update, 8/19/2015: Little did I know that four years later I’d end up back in Boston working on my PhD.  I’ve yet to go on the Charles since — what a shame! New resolution: go sailing!

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