Ra Ra Riot

was GREAT! I showed up really early because I was worried about getting tickets, but it turns out Allie put me on the list, so I got Remo to come down for the concert too (it was great to see him). I have never been on the list. It will probably be a while before I’m ever on a list again. People on the list get free tickets. Allie took me backstage. I like being on lists. Except for those years when I was on the government watch list and got automatically searched on every plane I tried to board. That list was really unpleasant.

Not a single one of these photos is in focus, but I’d say they’re pretty reflective of the experience.

Each year at the fall

Silhouettes in a window frame!

Death?o baby i

It all goes slow-mo

Can you tell? I can’t even explain.

Turns out Ra Ra Riot was actually headed to New Bedford the following week! So Tuesday, Mathieu and Allie came over and made a huge Italian dinner that I’m still recovering from.

I’ll close with this one:

Oh la!

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