Professional Photo Shoot

Tatyana, in addition to feeding me every day, has decided that I’m obsolete; so she bought me the following bunch of coats and shirts, and a single pair of white, womens’ corduroy pants. Given I’ve never owned so many clothes in my life, I decided the occasion demanded a photoshoot.

No comment.

Please, sir!

Update: 8/19/2015 — So that’s where I lost that cap!
Very blue.

I think my favorite, but dangerously close to being a used car dealer.

Sadly, this one doesn’t have elbow patches.

Blue #2.

I need orange pants for this jacket.

This one could be ironed.

If you know what this is, you’ll understand why it’s such a travesty that it’s too small.

I left out the orange jacket with tiger striped lining, only because I am not sure where I put it.

Total cost of clothes?: About $4.

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