Literary Saint-Petersburg

One of my favorite things to do in Petersburg is track down all the sites mentioned in Russian literature; i.e., following path of the Nose, climbing Raskolnikov’s staircase, finding Akaky Akakiyich’s overcoat, searching for the house of the devil moneylender.

It’s sort of like Geocaching, except my geocaches are left by Pushkin.
Here is a link to a file you can open in Google Earth, and have a look at the map I’ve been building of Petersburg.  I’ll be updating and re-updating this map often as I make my way through the reading, so check back if you nerd-out on this stuff like I do.  So far it contains:
The Overcoat
The Nose
The Portrait
The Diary of a Madman
Nevsky Prospect
Crime and Punishment
White Nights
Notes from the Underground (soon)
The Bronze Horseman
Note: I get equally excited for anything to do with Peter the Great.

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  1. Thanks! But it still needs a lot of work. I'll probably be using the part I have assembled for a class next semester, and then I'll update it again.


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