Spring in Saint-Petersburg

Ah spring… when thousands of middle-aged Russian women shed their fur coats, throw out their tanning spray, stumble into their thongs, and trek out to the Peter and Paul Fortress to sunbathe on the “beach”.

[click to enlarge — ha]

The weather here is getting nicer and nicer, so I went to Saint Isaac’s recently. The bad part about climbing onto the cupola of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral is you don’t get a very good view of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

The good part is you get a great view of everything else, like the Menshikov palace.

I can see my school from here!

The 9th Wave
, so the mariners say, is the most dangerous.

Thanks to Bimini for the photos, and for the cool video at the bottom of this post.

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  1. THe 9th wave is one of my favorite paintings ever. I get overwhelmed when i look at it. So much passion and depth.


  2. There is a cow hidden in the lower left section of that painting. It is floating in the water and you can make out its head gasping for air.


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