Bureaucratic Sharks

Dealing with Russian bureaucracy is a lot like being mauled by a shark. It’s awful, messy, painful and terrifying – but if you survive, at least you have a cool story/scar to tell people about at cocktail parties.

I say this on the eve of my attempts to get:

  1. Paid for my job.
  2. A Russian tourist VISA for the summer.
  3. A Chinese VISA for the summer as well.

Wish me luck.

8/19/2015 — I think what I learned from this experience is that Russians are Vogons. Bureaucracry.


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  1. omg! if you have to deal with the russian bureaucracy (rb), you need not only luck but patience bro 🙂 I think you wonder why I don’t come back. Guess why? because of that awful RB!!!


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