Burroughs Quote of the Day: On Death

Jan 5 1885, VI p.57

Tis a year to-night that father had his stroke. How surely the present and the future become the past, and how surely the past becomes sacred – the cemetery of our days.

Jan 1885; VI p.59

The stages of an orb’s life, say the astronomers, are stages of cooling. So are the stages of a man’s life. It is a process of cooling and hardening from youth to age. The gassy, nebular youth out of which the man is gathered together and consolidated! Fiery, strong, vapery, at first; then cold, hard, impoverished at last.

Nov 6 1884, VI p.11

– If I can look with complacency upon the eternity past, when I was not here, when I existed only potentially, I can look with complacency upon the eternity to come when I shall not be here, when I shall exist only in the memory of nature. #entelechy

March 1885; VI p.86

– I shall live in the future, just as I have lived in the past, namely, in the life of humanity, in the lives of other men and women. When the last man perishes from the earth, then I perish — to reappear in other worlds, other systems. No doubt that man has always existed on some of the myriads of worlds of space, and no doubt he will always exist. So far as consciousness or personality is concerned this life is all. We do not know ourselves again, we do not take form again, except in others.

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