The Blood of a Poet


I mashed Jean Cocteau’s 1930 silent film Le Sang d’un Poète together with Gui Boratto’s remixed “Paradise Circus.” The original film is cut very differently — the way I’ve cut it presents the story as more of a retelling of the “Galatea and Pygmalion” myth, but it preserves much of Cocteau’ ingenious representations of the artistic psyche.  Enjoy!


10-9-2016. Reflecting, some time later, on this thing I made, I can’t help but feel moved by what a metaphor it is for my own creative process, and how hard it is for me to write. How it only seems to come in the middle of the night, after so much agonizing, and then it becomes alive like something apart from yourself.  I love the Manhatta video equally.  This one is about creativity and loss; the Sheeler is about memory and loss.

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