New Year’s Resolutions

The theme of this year is walking, day by day, step by step, a goal as well as a journey. Keep Thoreau in mind.

1. Pass Oral Exams. (Every day. Make perfect lists. Don’t waste your time on anything you’re not personally fascinated with — leave that for other people.)

2. Exercise (Shoot for the splits [getting close], much more intensive cardio, sets of 20 pullups, 50 pushups — currently at 12/35)

3. Continue your ceramics work (probably not till summer; containers for baking bread — also: learn to bake bread)

4. Figure out Roth IRA for the rest of grad school. (Repeat goal for every year).

5. Stay up to date on pop culture too. (More novels — Concerts, movies, TV shows, overcome your hatred of social media).

6. Travel. (Charles Morgan; begin to learn Spanish — more on this plan).

7. Focus.

Year of walking, step-by-step.

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