The Bebop (boop)

I’m on board with drones. They are glorified toy airplanes, and they are so, so much fun.  This past summer my pal James Phelps and I each got one and would essentially see what it took to break them while we’d walk his dog.  The answer? a lot! These little suckers are resilient — the cheap plastic they’re made of is strategically pliant, and even with the motors off, the rotary blades still catch wind and slow their fall considerably.

Here’s our first tests with a itty bitty twenty-five dollar Syma X5:

Having been thoroughly converted to this new religion, James and I wholeheartedly agreed that such toys need to be protected by the 2nd Amendment.  Here’s the results from the Bebop — (a name unabashedly inspired by its resemblance to Swordfish II from Cowboy Bebop —I’m positive my passion for quadcopters comes from the same place as my love of anime)



It’s a zippy drone that’s definitely takes some practice. It’s fourteen megapixel fisheye lens autocorrects its bouncy flight very effectively.  You can pilot it with a smart phone.  The results of crashing it into things this weekend were stunning!

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