Grandfather Gernsback’s Paradox: Time Travel Lecture Media



Time Overview

The Future Is Now!

Back to the Future Day

Firefly: River explains why she doesn’t celebrate her brother’s birthday.

Let’s ask Tom O’Brian, the physicist in charge of the world’s most accurate atomic clock (00:26).

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

H.G. Wells – Time Machine

Futurama Episode with H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Thomas Cole’s Voyage of Life is another example of Time as River.

Asher B. Durand’s Progress is a spatio-temporal landscape.

A steamboat.

All You Zombies

The Bartender’s ring: the “ouroboros… the World Snake that eats its own tail, forever without end. A symbol of The Great Paradox.”

Donnie Darko can see into the future, and the future looks like a snake!

Marty some serious mom-issues.

More of a Celtic Knot.

Interstellar visualizing extra-dimensional space.

I am my own Grandpa

Man tries to be father, becomes uncle instead.

The Gernsback Continuum

This is the world of the 1939 World’s Fair.

Bel Geddes airships.

Tom Swift and his Flying Lab

Tom Swift and his Airship

Phantom of Tuscon

Gernsback’s Dream of Sci Fi

Nazi Love Motel (dangeous click!)

What a Hugo Award looks like.

What a V-2 Rocket looks like, the first long-range guided ballistic missile.

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