Marclay’s Clock (Draft)

Christian Marclay’s The Clock has come to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to try and see as much of it as I can.

First session, First Fridays, November 4th: 9:41pm-12:07am


A choose-your-own-adventure

Almost wish you could hit “continue” for any given scene.

Something wonderful about the pattern-making and recognizing ability of the human mind to comfortably piece together any set of slices and accept the narrative.

Marclay’s brilliance, I think, most of all, is wrapped up in

I wonder how many other alternative clocks could have been created with all th

I lean over and ask Elise what she thinks the midnight finale will be.  I dunno she says.  I tell her I think it’ll be some sort of New Year’s thing.  In a few minutes, I’ll be wrong.

James Bond seems to be the hero of the evening.

Quite a few shots of Big Ben.

Donnie Darko in Marclay / Halloween

what you recognize in the marclay reflects your generation

Different generations will reverberate differently with this film

The clock

It is a strange fflattening of time
TTime is a flat disc
Of space
Spatial compression
Of eras
 60s 70s 8os now
It is all possible
It is all in communication
When time makes them speak
When each individual cut becomes a story with cuts utterly temporally and spatially unlike.
That’s how it makes time a flat disc.
James bond is the hero.
And big ben is the place.

When time is the most important thing you focus wholly on the clock.
Agency mov3s away from the actors or the setting
Unless they are are the clock. The clock is our ordering hero, our great grand hero god.
Everything else is secondary

Which is whwt makes what is tertiar6ly to that secondary so interesting to elise more.



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