The Borges Labyrinth

19986167_248139252369338_3291485643699388416_nView from the Cini Foundation Library, July 12 2017

The Borges Maze: 1 kilometer maze made up of 3,200 box trees, designed by Randall Coate. Look closely and you’ll see it is shaped like a colossal open book, with BORGES spelled out and reflected among his favorite symbols: a stick, an hourglass, a tiger, a question mark, all infoliated in a labyrinth.


From “The Garden of Forking Paths”

“I am withdrawing to write a book. And another time: I am withdrawing to construct a labyrinth. Everyone imagined two works; to no one did it occur that the book and the maze we’re one and the same thing.”

“I leave to the various futures (not to all) my garden of forking paths.”

“This network of times which approached one another, forked, broke off, or were unaware of one another for centuries, embraces all possibilities of time. We do not exist in the majority of these times; in some you exist, and not I; in others I, and not you; in others, both of us.”

“Time forks perpetually toward innumerable futures. In one of them I am your enemy.”

“I thought of a labyrinth of labyrinths, of one sinuous spreading labyrinth that would encompass the past and the future and in some way involve the stars.”

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