Biennale: Lorenzo Quinn

Traghetto views of Lorenzo Quinn’s hands.

Do they support the crumbling Ca’Segredo? Or are they pulling it back into the sea.

Blind hands feel the facade of the house, like a person who is blind might understand another’s face.

The emphasis on the just barely *not* touching making more *tangible* or visceral the oft overlooked fact that Venice is very much in the grasp / grip / hold of the sea, protectively cupped by Lido.


Bernini – Proserpina — showing us the contradiction of delicacy amid an act of violence.

Michelangelo – Creation — Which makes the building Adam, and god still the hands, in a sense?

Rubens – Quos Ego

Raimondi (Quos Ego)

Neptune calms the sea — from Aeneid 2. Quos Ego — Why I–! The most famous aposeopesis in history.  Taken to the limit, Neptune just barely decides not to (infandum) the winds.





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