Masyanya vs Putin

MUST WATCH: Episode 160 of Masyanya, in which Masyanya and her boyfriend Hryundel try to hide from their Ukrainian friend Lokhmaty any news about the Russian invasion.

The episode provides some devastating insight to what it’s like to be Russian right now, knowing that, like it or not, you’ve been conscripted by a fascist into a war against your own neighbors, friends, and family.

The author, Oleg Kuvaev (@kuvaev) lives in Israel, which is probably why it is possible for this episode to exist⁠—Masyanya literally gifts Putin a sword to commit “the only good decision of his life” with. Seppuku.

For the uninitiated: Masyanya is a tremendously popular horribly animated profanity-laden Russian cartoon—it’s the Russian equivalent of South Park. I used to watch it back in 2009 to learn new slang and contemporary culture. I had no idea it was still going⁠—for two decades now! Note: YouTube is NOT banned in Russia, and with basically all media being censored, I’m curious to know to what extent Russians are getting their news from other outlets, such as Masyanya.

Note: looks like, the original site for Masyana is down. has the following note:
“Пока лыцари царя атакуют мирное население, для просмотра мультов лучше использовать ТыТрубу (YouTube.)” –> While the knights of the king are attacking the civilian population, it is better to use YouTruba (YouTube.) to watch cartoons. So for now, it is.

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