History-84e: How to Read a Book

I was the teaching fellow for Professor Jill Lepore and Professor Leah Price‘s course How to Read a Book in spring, 2016.  This course was a material culture history of reading and writing, beginning with clay tablets and ending with iPads.  By working with Harvard Art Museums, the Boston Paper Collective, the Houghton Library, the Bow & Arrow Press, students learned how to make iron gall ink, paper from scratch, work a printing press, stitch book binding, and think critically about how the material stuff of books both limits and expands what can be transmitted.

Link to full syllabus.

A newly pressed page.

A very long page.2017-02-28 14.43.17.jpg

A very wet page.2017-02-14 13.45.36.jpg

The very small page.2017-02-28 15.02.43.jpg